Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Soundtrack to my Life

"Dog Days are Over" - Florence and the Machine. This was my friend Sydney's favorite song before she was killed in a car accident last September. Since then, it has become "her song." She was on the dance team with me, so in memory of her, we performed a dance to this song for our senior night (she should have been one of the seniors with the rest of us). Anytime I'm missing her, I put it on. Anytime I hear it somewhere else, I think of it as a sign from her saying "hi" or something. It can either make me smile and incredibly happy, or the second I hear it, I might break down into tears. Basically this song represents losing her to me and has had a really big impact on me over the last year.

"Return to Pooh Corner" - Kenny Loggins. When I was little, I was a little bit of a difficult child, to say the least. I was a mommy's girl and loved cuddling and was incredibly attached to her. I think some of my earliest memories are being rocked by either my mom or dad, trying to get me to fall asleep, listening to the Kenny Loggins CD. This was my favorite song to listen to. Plus, I've always loved Whinnie the Pooh. Recently, I found this CD again and put it on my computer. I've noticed that I usually can't fall asleep to music, or it at least starts to bother me eventually, but the other night I tried falling asleep to this CD and fell asleep quickly and relaxed. I guess it's a really good way to get me to fall asleep.

"Save Tonight" - Eagle Eye Cherry. This song is a camp song. It's been one for a long time, and whenever I hear it, I think of camp. I've been at camp every summer since I was two years old, except I missed one summer, but still stopped by a few times over the summer. It's literally another home to. We always listen to this song on the last night of camp when we are all crying and not wanting to leave.

"Back to 3BC" and "Beber Boogie" - Beber Song Leaders. These are songs written about my camp. I already kind of explained how camp is a big part of me, so these songs mean a lot.

"Cyclone" - Baby Bash. This has been one of my favorite songs since freshman year of high school. I love dancing/dance parties and this song is an amazing song to dance to.

"Hiding Under Water" - Beth Hart. This was our jazz song my sophomore year of high school. I absolutely love the song, and I loved the dance. My coach always gave us stories to go along with our jazz songs to help us incorporate our emotions. The story for this one was kind of weird, and I couldn't even really relate, but it still has a lot of meaning for me. She told us it was about a recovering drug addict suffering to overcome the addiction.

"Gravity" - Sara Bareilles. This was our jazz song my senior year of high school. I already explained how my coach gave us stories to go along with the dances, so of course we had one for this too. And this one was about Sydney. We walked through each movement and discussed our struggle as a team. I can still feel the pain I felt performing this dance. It was incredibly hard the first few times, but then we learned to control our emotions a little better. But I love on of the last lines that says, "something always brings me back to you." I guess I felt like it was a way for us to show her that we'll never for get her.

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