Monday, November 21, 2011

Research Practice

"There is a significant risk that extends to low and moderate BACs."

Moskowitz, H and Burns, M. (1990). Effects of alcohol on driving performance. Alcohol Research and Health, 14, 1, 12-14.

This article is a summary and discussion of other research on levels of blood alcohol levels' effects on driving. It is quite general and outdated, so I may not be able to use very much information from it. It is definitely a good start, because it gives an overview of the types of skills that are effected by alcohol. This quote is important, because the article really emphasizes that even low BACs effect certain skills in driving. This article actually made me change my mind slightly on the exact focus of the research paper. I am now just going to research the effects of alcohol on skills related to driving, instead of specifically how it affects the brain. It gave me a general idea of what skills I will need to specifically research in relation to alcohol.

"As has been shown, alcohol and other drugs produce numerous losses which can and do result in increased risk of motor vehicle crashes."

Dennis, M. (2010). Driving crash risks associated with alcohol and other drugs. The Chronicle for DE Professionals. 8-9.

This article gives general effects of alcohol at different BACs. It gives general effects from alcohol, effects related to driving, and effects related to crashes. It also gives these effects related to other drugs and a combination of other drugs with alcohol. This article isn't very detailed, so I don't know how much information I could really use from it. I am also only interested in the effects related to alcohol, so most of this article wouldn't be useful. I also question the credibility of the source because the author refers to alcohol as a "villain." This quote is useful, though, because I am going to research the different effects at different levels of BAC, and it gives me a general relation of BAC to driving impairment.

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